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This web page contains a list of terms that we have preselected for this web page for every day. Feel free to bookmark this page and that way you can every day learn few new electronic items. Obviously this page is generated automatically based on the date and next year on the same date this page will contain the same or similar list of terms. It may be sligtly different beause number of listing will grow and therefore new definition will be added to the list.

Below is a list of daily electronic terms, review each carefuly:
transistor discrete semiconductor for current switching and signal amplifcation

esp embedded standard product

paging is a technique in which the main store is divided into segments called pages. Large user programs may cover several pages possibly too many to fit into the available store. The operating system transfers pages between main store and backing store to ensure that the correct page is in main store at any stage during the execution of the program. (See also Segmentation 11. 59.)
Another definition of paging:
paging (1) Allows alert signal to be transmitted fmm base to handset of a cordless telephone (but not speech) (2) Allows gcmral announcement to be made from any extension of a PABX. (3) Onsite paging uses a radio transtnitter so that holders of appropriate receivers can be alerted anywhere within range of the transmitter within a budding or small complex for instance. (4) National paging relies on radio network so that holders of appropriate receivers can be aleTted anywhere in the country.

Several interested electronic terms: Video Disc, Validation, Chip, Watt, kilostream and many others. Check this page often as it does contain variety of terms changed on daily basis.

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