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What do you think what is electronicdefinitions.com web site about?
You are right it is website about electronic definitions, some call it electronic dictionary. We have over 2000 electronic definitions for electronic devices, abbreviation definitions and acronyms. For example, do you know what does Printer mean? Perhaps. But do you know what does ECL mean? Probably not.

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Who created such a big electronic and digital information database? You may ask. Well, it began long, long time ago. After a while good people like you started contributing their knowledge and submitting them to us for sharing with others. Soon we will have a form for automatic submission.

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Suggested by many that this web site should have a directory... and we started to collect valuable links for our directory and finally with help from Astanda ADP we have installed electronic directory. If you have electronic web site then feel free to submit your listing to our directory. Our directory listing is free, human checked (verified), search engine optimized and clean from junk.

Popular terms:
These terms are requested the most, so you may want to take a look as well:
DVD, Oscillation, Electronic Voice Stress Phone, db, DSL, TFT, Computer, LCD, Epoxy, Realtime System, Abbreviated dialling, Network, C Guard, Component Storage. Now see a list of 20 most popular electronic terms.

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If some of the information on this web site is not correct or if you would like to suggest a new electronic term. Please let us know by sending an email to:
info(at)electronicdefinitions.com. Besides that, if you wish to contact us because you have a new electronic term that is not listed on this web site, then we have created a submission form for our visitors to submit new electronic terms with ease.

Thank you!
Thanks for visiting our web site, reading and suggesting. We are looking forward to seeing you again. Even though (misspelled) 'elektronik' definitions .com is easy to remember, but you can still click on CTRL+D to bookmark this website. Check our list of daily electronic terms on daily basis.

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